Megatokyo Reference Links

Forum-related Links.
Fred's non-hentai policy.

SD Forum Traditions.

Creative Works. About creative threads in the SD Forum.

Roleplaying. A short explanation of roleplaying in the SD Forum.

The Drinking Game or, what not to do in the SD forum (mostly).

Story-related Resources
MT Acronym page. Has the commonly used acronyms pertinent both to the comic and the SD forum.

Megatokyo Database w/ Search Engine. Useful for the search engine.

McF's MT Reference. Has character primers and threadlists for the most commonly asked and discussed questions.

Reader's Guide to Megatokyo. One of the best places to check if you have questions about specific details of a specific comic as the RGMT often has notes associated with the comics, providing translations of Japanese or l33t, or any comments Fred or Dom may have made about them.

RGMT's FAQ. Covers the most commonly asked questions about Megatoyko. Check this FAQ prior to posting a question.

Who's Who in Megatokyo.

MT Character Relationship Matrix.

Anime Glossary. Glossary of commonly used words and terms found in anime and manga.

Otaku Dictionary. More thorough than the Anime Glossary.
(Anime Info Index.) Home of the Otaku Dictionary.

MT Beatles Filk Discography.

CGed Strips Database. Database of colored MT comics.

Larom's Avatar Gallery. Avatar hosting and SD Forum Directory.