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"It's all luck of the draw...
What's life without a little excitement?" - Evelyn

People are always addicted to fate. Knowledge of what will happen is something all people crave. But while some seek to learn it before it happens, there are others who find joy in watching it unfold. An untraditional look at the gambler, but one that's not without a bit of truth to it. Like all people, they try to control their destiny a bit; but unlike most, they generally take setbacks well. Who's to speak against Lady Luck, after all?

The Gambler (Gam) is a Prestige Class for more modern time periods than the standard D&D campaign, but as always, can be made appropriate. Games did exist in those time periods, they were just a bit less common and typically played by royalty. An aristocrat would be the gambler of western medieval settings.

Hit Die: d8

To qualify to become a Gambler, a character must fulfill the following criteria:
Bluff: 10 Ranks
Profession (Gambler): 10 Ranks
Knowledge (Games): 10 Ranks
Alignment: Any Chaotic
Special: Must have participated in a Bar Fight.
Must have a Masterwork set of Cards.

Class Skills:
The Gambler's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Bluff (Cha), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Knowledge (games) (Int), Profession (Gambler), Tumble (Dex).

Skill Points at Each Level: 2 + Int modifier.

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
  1   +0  +0   +2   +2  Addiction to the Game  
  2   +1  +0   +3   +3  Enchanting Gamble 1
  3   +2  +1   +3   +3  Trust in Fate 
  4   +3  +1   +4   +4  
  5   +3  +1   +4   +4  Perfect Choice
  6   +4  +2   +5   +5  Enchanting Gamble 2
  7   +5  +2   +5   +5  Loose Change; Royal Flush 
  8   +6  +2   +6   +6  
  9   +6  +3   +6   +6  Lady Luck's Protegé(e)
  10  +7  +3   +7   +7  Enchanting Gamble 3; All or Nothing!
  11  +8  +3   +7   +7  Scion of Chaos
Class Features: All of the following are class features for the Gambler prestige class:
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Gamblers gain Exotic Weapon Proficiency with Coins and Cards.

Gambling Weapons:

One-Handed; 10 ft.
1d4 Bludgeoning

One-Handed; 10 ft.
1 Slashing

These weapons may not be enchanted as a normal weapon.

They gain no additional Armor proficiencies.

Addiction to the Game (Ex): The gambler has something of an addiction to her games. She is compelled to create a new set of her tools every time they are destroyed or exhausted; the Gambler and her class abilities are rendered useless until she has her tools again. They must be at a masterwork level. Use of coins requires 1 gp or pp per coin. One kit of cards has 54 ammunition. A gambler takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls made with a weapon other than Coins or her gambling weapon in addition to any other penalties she may have for the attack roll. Gamblers gain a +4 to all Bluff, Sense Motive, Search, and Spot rolls; as someone who often deals with crooked games, the Gambler's gained a sharp eye, quick mind, and complete facial control. 

Enchanting Gamble (Su): The gambler gains an unnatural bond with her tools. She is able to make all cards she uses from her kit have any combination of temporary weapon enhancements that add up to the enchantment bonus value shown for 10 min/class level per day. 

Trust in Fate (Sp): As a standard action, the gambler can summon an aura of chaos around her person that gives a +2 Deflection Bonus to AC. (Does not stack with other deflection bonuses.) This aura lasts for a number of turns equal to her wisdom modifier + her intelligence modifier divided by two. (Rounded down.)

Perfect Choice (Su): Once a day starting at 5th level, the gambler can take half her current HP in subdual damage in order to ignore the effects of a single dice roll and maximize it. If multiple die are tossed, the gambler can only affect any one of the die (their choice.) An attack roll with this in effect always hits, but is not considered a critical hit.

Loose Change (Ex): As a full-round action, the gambler throws 50 coins at a single target, and rolls on the percent dice. The higher the percent, the more coins that impacted. Coins cannot critical in this manner.

01-50% 1 coin hits
51-60% 5 coins hit
61-70% 10 coins hit
71-80% 15 coins hit
81-90% 25 Coins hit
91-99% 35 Coins hit
100% 50 coins hit.

Royal Flush (Ex): Moving at inhuman speed, the Gambler is able to throw 54 cards (or all her cards, whichever is less) in one round. She throws them in a 20 foot cone directly in front of her. Roll d% to determine how many cards hit, and divide cards evenly among all the targets in the cone. Make a single ranged touch attack against each target to determine if they dodged or not and whether or not the cards critical hit on them. The Royal Flush technique doesn't work with the Enchanting Gamble ability. 

Lady Luck's Protegé(e) (Ex): The gambler gains an intimate - and unique - knowledge of Chaos, Luck, and Randomness. This grants her a +3 Insight Bonus on all rolls when rushed. 

All or Nothing (Su): The gambler makes the biggest bet. She rolls 4d20; if the result is under 60, the Gambler loses her class abilities for 6 Months. A second failure results in death. Anything between 61-79 treat as Wish spell cast by a 20th level Sorcerer. If she rolls a 60 exactly, she instantly dies. In the case of an 80, treat as a Deity Intervention.

Scion of Chaos: Gambler is taken as a Chaotic Outsider, and wins the Spell Like Abilities: Protection Against Law (At will), Circle of Magic Against Law (at will), and Chaos Hammer (1/Day).

Ex-Gamblers: A Gambler who forsakes the game or stops believing in luck loses all class abilities.

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